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Our raison d'être

Ingrenium is a specialist in the production, processing and distribution of organic and natural products from Brazil and the world. We are pioneers in the organic certification of various products, such as Guarana, Brazilian Ginseng and Tonka Beans.

producteur brésilien
producteur brésilien

Commitments aligned with our values

Since 2004 we have been committed to providing our customers with high quality products, with a secure and stable supply, as well as improving the living and working conditions of small producers thanks to our presence and support throughout the chain.

We work with our partners based on family farming, fair trade, the dissemination of knowledge and above all respect for the environment and the living conditions of small producers.

In Veigné, France, we are able to process our products according to the highest quality standards and can adapt ourselves in a totally flexible way to the specifications of our customers.

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