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Our Açaí extract, highly valued by the food and cosmetics industries.

Our Guarana Extract.


with naturalness and good health

Plant extracts are found in the most diverse products and appeal to people looking for a healthier life.

They can be incorporated into various forms, such as capsules, tablets  and powders, making them versatile for different applications.

Our Extracts

Organic | Organic and Fairtrade | Organic with carrier | Conventional with carrier

Guaraná Dry Extract 10% Caffeine

Organic With Carrier

Guaraná Dry Extract 2% Caffeine

Conventional With carrier

Guaraná Dry Extract 25% Caffeine

4:1 |Organic with carrier

Açaí Dry Extract

Organic with Carrier

Acerola Dry Extract

4:1 /Organic with Carrier

Brazilian ginseng Pfaffia Premium Dry Extract

Organic with Carrier

Yerba Mate Dry Extract 2% Caffeine

Conventional With Carrier

Yerba Mate Dry Extract 10% Caffeine

2% Caffeine /Organic with carrier

Guayusa Dry Extract

4:1 / Organic with carrier

Muira Puama Dry Extract

10% forskolin | Organic

Coleus Dry Extrac

2,5% Estragol |Organic | 0:1

Tulsi Dry Extract

Conventional | Organic

Ashwagandha dry Extract

50% bacosaponines | Conventional

Brahmi Dry Extract

20% Saponins | Organic | 10:1

Centella Dry Extract


Garcinia Dry Extract

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