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In Veigné, France, we transform organic natural products into ingredients according to the highest quality standards, offering different granulometries and multiple extracts for major players in the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

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Innovation in Extractions

Ingrenium has a production line with modern machinery capable of transforming our raw materials into extracts in different granulometries and forms (powder, pills, tablets) for the purposes you need, whether for food supplements, cosmetic products, etc.


Our production line for extracts

Our production line enables us to meet our customers’ tailor-made requests.

We can provide you with:

Microwave Machine

This innovative technology utilizes microwave radiation to efficiently and selectively heat the materials, enabling rapid and controlled processing.

The key advantage of using microwave technology for processing raw materials is its ability to selectively and uniformly heat the materials. 

It can be used for different applications when it comes to extraction, working perfectly for the extraction of a wide range of products.

Spray Dry

Widely used to convert liquid or slurry substances into dry powder form, the spray dry machine utilizes a process which involves atomizing the liquid feed into small droplets and then quickly drying them using hot air or gas. This technique is particularly effective for producing fine powders with controlled particle sizes and desirable characteristics.

CO2 Supercritical Machine

Also known as supercritical fluid extraction, the CO2 Supercritical Machine is a valuable tool for the extraction of organic raw materials. It can be used to extract a wide range of valuable compounds, such as essential oils, flavors, fragrances, bioactive compounds, and plant-derived pharmaceuticals.

This technology has the advantage of being non-flammable and non-toxic. Compared to traditional solvent-based extraction methods that use harsh chemicals, CO2 extraction eliminates the risks associated with toxic solvents, ensuring worker safety and reducing environmental contamination.

Production of finished products in France

In France, Ingrenium processes products from Brazil and from all over the world. Our products are manufactured with all the quality guarantees in force in France.

We produce all kinds of finished products: food supplements in powder, capsules, tablets, etc. We have our own formulas and can also follow the formulas of our customers to better adapt to their products, all in a 100% flexible and adaptable way.

Our packaging articles

For turnkey/private label products, we offer a range of eco-responsible packaging items and can also adapt to our customers’ specifications.

We use the suitable equipment to manufacture quality plant-based ingredients.

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Europe is committed

Investment in production equipment for the technological mastery of the manufacture of innovative plant ingredients.

This operation is co-financed by the European Union. Europe is committed to the Centre-Val de Loire region with the European Regional Development Fund.

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