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Sustainable Circular Economy

After the successful experiences and having established strong and long-term business partnerships with producers, farmers, cooperatives, processors, and in particular with the consortium partner Nat’Organico, Ingrenium is moving on with two new projects that are currently in the state of development, both focused on environment protection.

In partnership with Nat’Organico, Ingrenium is working on a new project, Sustainable Circular Economy. Assisted by EcoProDev and with the financial support of the develoPPP program of Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG), the project aims to source ingredients that will be transformed into natural plant extracts from various Brazilian plants. such as açai and tonka beans from the Amazon rainforest, as well as Paraná pine nuts, urucum and Brazilian ginseng from the Atlantic Forest.

Extractions biocirculaires
Extractions biocirculaires

A more responsible production

These raw materials will be prepared for supercritical CO2 extraction. This new alternative extraction method can isolate bioactive components from a variety of plant materials and is proven to be clean and safe. The advantage of supercritical CO2 extraction is that compared to traditional solvent extraction the product contains no harmful residues.

As for the activities, the project will set up the training of farmers to produce and collect organic and Fair Trade certified plants from the Brazilian Amazon and Atlantic Forests and ensure technology transfer to local partners aiming to locally prepare waste from agroindustry to be processed into natural plant extracts. Inventory and mapping of forest areas will enable to identify new products that can be collected, thus contributing to sustainable economic development in the region. 

The project is in the process of initiation and is planned to be a three years long period project.

Beginning of the project: November 2022

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