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Acérola (Malphigia Glabra)

Acerola is a fruit native to northern South America, the Caribbean islands and Central America. It stands out from other fruits by its high vitamin C content which can exceed up to 90 times that of oranges.

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Its high level of vitamin C makes it a powerful antioxidant and gives it beneficial properties for the body by strengthening the immune system. Acerola fruit pulp can also be reduced to powder by freeze-drying or atomization processes, for use in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Green acerola is unripe acerola. Highly sought after for its high concentration of vitamin C, it is perfect for those who need this precious nutrient in large quantities. Red acerola is acerola in its ripe state. It has a less acid taste and can be consumed plain or in the form of juices, jellies and liqueurs.


High concentration of vitamin C, Antioxidant


Medicines, Cosmetics, Food Supplements (green acerola), Juices and Jellies, Syrups and Liquors (red acerola)



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